About I Love Holiday Lights

·  All lights and electrical accessories
·  Service of your lights throughout the season
·  Removal of all lights, and accessories
·  Storage of the lights at your request

Once you decide to move forward with our service we will provide you with the following: 

  • Folder with the estimate/contract, service and removal warranty sheets, brochure, business card and several other ligature pieces.
  • FREE service on all lighting and decor throughout the Christmas season
  • 100% product guarantee – all materials are guaranteed for as long as you are our customer
  • A la carte, no-hassle pricing – pick only the items you want
  • New, high-quality lighting and decor, electrical accessories custom cut to fit your house perfectly
  • Your own customer service representative – someone to help you throughout the season
  • LICENSED electricians to design and install any additional electrical outlets and timers as needed
  • A well-trained, supervised installation crew
  • No additional charge for removal and clean up after the season
  • Storage of all lights and decor
  • Fully insured
  • Incredible discount options – up to 20% off for re-installation next year, additional discounts for early bird commitment